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About Us

Commonstake, a subsidiary of Scalechange, Inc. a California B Corporation, is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) social media platform - the Better Business Bureau of Today. We profile for-profit companies by sharing impact stories focused on their environmental, social, and organizational stewardship with concerned consumer citizens - “Stakeholders”.

Beyond typical financial investment, we recognize that we, as global citizens, have a stake in the future of our planet. Which is why we’re in the business of helping Stakeholders shop according to their values. Commonstake is a convenient place to read, post comments, and provide feedback. Stakeholders are invited to participate by submitting relevant, timely articles written or found about companies, and also rate and comment on CSR, using the following three-point consideration:


Environmental Stake

Environmentally conscious Stakeholders recognize the importance of corporate sustainability initiatives when making purchases, investing, and recommending a particular brand. Because of this paradigm shift, corporations are expected to address issues of climate change and the depletion of natural resources, amongst others, in creating policies and procedures.


Social Stake

Socially minded Stakeholders want to know how involved a corporation is involved in improving the communities in which they operate. They support corporations who recruit from a diverse applicant pool and treat their employees well. In turn, corporations are responding to these concerns by embracing the social cost of doing business.

Governance Stake

Stakeholders factor corporate integrity into decisions on whether to support. Corporations who continue to do the right thing, despite continuous decline of regulatory accountability at both the federal and state levels, thrive in this new environment. The days of corruption and illegal favor ends through consumer participation.


We are all in this together. We are all Stakeholders. Join Commonstake.