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Commonstake.com is the first social media platform dedicated specifically to corporate social responsibility (CSR).
The problem Commonstake aims to solve is known as the Mainstream Green or Green Gap. While 82 percent of Americans would prefer to "go green" in their shopping habits only 16 percent are actually able to live up to their environmentally-friendly consumer goals, putting two-thirds into an all-important gap that will make or break humanity (Ogilvy & Mather). We believe that consumers aren't able to shop in accordance with their values due to two main factors:
1. A scarcity in accurate information regarding the social and environmental impact of the products available to us combined with an overabundance of misleading marketing (i.e., greenwashing).

2. A lack of disposable income available to most consumers combined with the relatively expensive cost of sustainable products.

After years of research and development, our parent company (Scalechange) the following two-fold solution to close both the information and pricing gap.

Commonstake is a social media platform that aims to close the information gap, allowing users to discuss and rate the performance of companies in regard to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Unlike its predecessors — platforms that provide a limited amount of information on a limited number of companies to a limited number of people — Commonstake engages mainstream users through user-generated ratings about companies based on crowdsourced information (user-submitted news and op-ed articles) on their social, environmental and governing practices.

To help close the pricing gap, Scalechange offers equity in exchange for user activity: sharing news articles, rating companies, writing op-eds, etc. Also, companies with a sufficiently high rating on Commonstake are able to offer $calechange to drive sales and other promotions.

$calechange is a special type of equity (preferred stock) through which shareholders are empowered as impact investors, selecting which social venture startups receive investments generated from their dividends.

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