For Consumers:

Commonstake is a social network for people who want to shop ethically and avoid being led astray by misleading marketing messages. Commonstake allows consumers to cut through corporate greenwashing by crowdsourcing data on companies regarding their environmental standards, social impact and governing integrity. Users can:

  • Share articles from published news sources

  • Write and submit op-eds

  • Keep each other informed by providing feedback and rating companies

  • Earn rewards for sustainable shopping

  • Take part in promotional offerings

Empowered as consumer citizens, we are able to support companies whose practices reflect our values and divest from those that do not.

For Companies :

Commonstake provides corporations with the ability to respond to consumer concerns and proactively reach out to consumers with news and information about their socially-responsible policies and initiatives. Also, businesses with sufficiently high ratings earn the privilege to advertise and access consumer analytics. Optionally, companies can empower their customers as impact investors, offering them $calechange in exchange for sales and promotions.