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Scalechange gamifies corporate social responsibility by crowdsourcing data on companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) and incentivizing companies to improve practices. Its mission is to facilitate citizenship in the business sector by engaging everyday people with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and empowering them as consumer citizens.

#R3SET is a member-run media company that crowdsources its content, offering users $calechange in exchange for memberships sold and promotions fulfilled on Commonstake. The founders of Scalechange identify with #R3SET’s mission to radically rethink how we design our cultures, our businesses, and our communities and signed a joint-development agreement last year.

We are partnering over the course of the coming months to collect input from consumers in New England in order to determine which companies demonstrate the best social, environmental and governance practices. These companies will be featured in the next issue of #R3SET Magazine and consumers who contribute to the conversation with be rewarded with equity in Scalechange of equal value.

W3villa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Scalechange built the first version of Commonstake in San Francisco, launching the alpha version in 2015. It was good start but it left a lot to be desired. Our friend then introduced us to Ishank at W3Villa Technologies in India, taking over the development of the Commonstake beta for two years.

Recently, three of our cofounders travelled to New Delhi in preparation to launch the beta. Upon meeting the delightful and talented team of developers and designers at W3Villa, they decided to move permanently and form an ongoing business partnership. As such, if you are looking for affordable, reliable, innovative help with web or mobile development, you can discuss with us - let us know what you are looking for on the contact page.

Worldplay Ventures
Worldplay Ventures (DBA: Worldplay) is a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) that facilitates citizenship in the business sector by fostering social ventures that engage and empower individuals. As a founding member of Human Union Think Tank and partner to The Unity Network, Worldplay accelerates startups that best advance the most promising democratic forces outside the government sector, including corporate social responsibility (CSR), crowdfunding and online activism. Scalechange, the startup social venture behind Commonstake, is currently a subsidiary of Worldplay.

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